WELCOME to the Messageboard for the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon!!
Just Announced! 9 Marathon films: INTERSTELLAR, LASERBLAST, OMEGA MAN, SUPERMAN II: THE DONNER CUT, I ROBOT, OUTBREAK, THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, TURKISH STAR WARS, STAR TREK FIRST CONTACT, LOVE & MONSTERS, COSMOS and DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE Add your suggestions using the link below. Also, there's a handy link to a filmmography of past events. Comments on this year's Selections? (2022) Post here:
Your View on this year's Line-Up?
INFORMATION PAGE for SF/47? Click here
>List of ALL Films that have played the Marathon. Click below
Click here for The History Of The Marathon/Festival

The Next Marathon will be held Presidents' Day Weekend 2022 at the Somerville Theater.
It will be preceded by the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. www.Bostonsci-fi.com

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Reply #30 - Feb 15th, 2020 at 4:30pm

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The Living Dinosaur at
the Somerville Theatre

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L.A. Connection wrote on Feb 13th, 2020 at 11:25pm:
No way to over ride it if it is 1:85?

     Are you serious?  Override it how, exactly?  Can you alter the AR of a DVD or Blu-Ray?
     Theres no extra picture information: you cant pull a plate & show more.  Whatever information is on the transfer, thats all there is.


I have seen the future, and it is sucky digital....
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Reply #31 - Feb 19th, 2020 at 9:43am

kirok1   Offline
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anybody order fried sauerkraut?

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what do all these numbers mean?
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