WELCOME to the Messageboard for the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon!!
SF/44 is on the way! ANNOUNCED MOVIES: DR. CYCLOPS! DESTINATION MOON! INNER-SPACE! ANNIHILATION! STAR TREK VI in 70mm! ANDROMEDA STRAIN! 1975's ROLLERBALL. Carpenter's orginal ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK - finally! WOMAN IN THE MOON w/live Jeff Rapsis musical score! Comments on the Selections? Post here:
Your View?
Any Suggestions for 2019's SF/44? Click here
List of ALL Films that have played the Marathon. Click here
Click here for the SF/43 Film Info Page

The Next Marathon will be held Presidents' Day Weekend 2019 at the Somerville Theater, Somerville Massachusetts.
It will be preceded by the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival at the same venue.

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