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Jan 15th, 2019 at 3:54pm

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A fourth Spider-Man boot in two decades is hardly necessary, but, that proviso aside SPIDER-VERSE is a lot of fun.

The three-headed Directing team (plus Writer-Producer Phil Lord) have come up with a fast-paced (if still too long) animated feature that can stand on its own (but, of course, will be sequelized and, eventually, folded into some edition of the Marvel universe). It's a more complicated story than your typical family oriented fare, and has some genuine sci-fi content.

The plot involves quantum physics which allows for multiple Spider...Men, women, teens and even Spider-swine! This verse is genuinely multi-ethnic with Black, Hispanic, Asian and a number of major female characters (and did I mention the pig?). The voice cast is solid, with some interesting choices such as Lily Tomlin, Kathryn Hahn and Nicholas Cage. One false note is Jake Johnson's Peter B. Parker - he comes off as a PG-rated jaded Deadpool knockoff.

The animation is made to simulate the look and feel of an inked comic book, and is bright and splashy without being too overwhelming (tip: sit towards the back of the theater). The music is energetic if not terribly inspired, at least not in comparison to the graphics. All in all, an entertaining companion to the Spider-man universe. And, the touching mid-credits tribute to Stan Lee & Steve Ditko is nice grace note.
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