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Here are the announced titles for the FESTIVAL portion of SF/41:

The Full Schedule can be found here: http://bostonscifi.com/schedule/

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To discuss the lineup go to: http://sf.theboard.net/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1444929364

400 DAYS
(US, 2015) Boston Premiere. Produced by SyFy. When astronauts are tested for a long space flights, they find things going badly. With Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Dane Cook, Caity Lotz (The Machine), Tom Cavanagh (The Flash) 88m
d: Matt Osterman

(US, 2015) NE Premiere. After seeing a UFO, a man and his skeptical wife are forced to confront issues. 80m.
Winner: LA Indie Film Fest, NYC Chain Film Fest.
d: Brian Ackerly.

(US, 2016) World Premiere. A conflicted researcher, creates the ultimate App, it makes the user happy. And what does happiness bring? d: Dena Hysell

(Aus., 2016) US Premiere. A political prisoner crashes on a desert moon. He soon realizes the deadliest creature around may just be himself. With Dan Mor (Killing Jesus), Aleisha Rose, & Christopher Kirby (Iron Sky).
Winner: Best Feature Film at 2015 SciFi Film Festival (Sydney, Australia) 95m.
d: Jesse O’Brien.

(US, Boston Premiere) The human race is all but extinct as a teen comes of age.
Winner: Dances With Films, Fantastic Planet, Maine International Film Fest. 95m
d: Kristjan Thor

(US, Premiere) Hacktivists breaks into a server room, & unknowingly uncover an artificial super intelligence with strange ideas of fun. 97m.
d: James Cox

(US, 2016) World Premiere. A deadly anomaly is causing time slips, possibly a murder, & then there are those inconvenient memory losses. Terrific cast with Courtney Hope, Oscar nominee Bruce Davison, Golden Globe winner Susan Blakely, Sarah Douglas (Superman II) 122m
d: Kenneth Mader.

(Japan, E Coast Premiere) Driven to find her daughter, a young woman joins the resistance in a divided Japan in 2034. 97m.
Winner: Nippon Film Fest, Visions Award
d: Yokna Hasegawa

(US, 2015) A global neurological epidemic wipes everyone’s memory. Those who remain search for connection in an increasingly compromised world. 85m.
“Best Science Fiction Discovery of the Year” – IndieWire
Winner: Best Narrative, New Orleans Film Fest; Slamdance Closing Night Film.
d: Claire Carré

(NZ, World Premiere) Three men find themselves thrust into a parallel world of an old sci-fi film. It’s a low budget universe in need of a big budget escape. 111m
d: Christian Nicolson

(Fr., 2015) US Premiere. Unknown Nazi documents are discovered revealing plans for a time machine. When made, the journey is not what was expected. 86m
d: Jonathan Helpert.

(Rus, 2016) US Premiere. Great SFX in this Russian film based on the popular game. Contestants must find the mole or die. Great SFX. Please note: this is a dubbed film, and the only one available.
d: Sarik Andreasyan

(US, 2016) World Premiere. Teens tampering with nanotechnology, open a Pandora’s box into the unexpected. 72m.
d: Justin Bull

(UK, 2016) World Premiere. Two scientists travel across the universe tracking a distant transmission. The deeper they go, …. Great cast includes: Rupert Graves (Sherlock) Ellie Kendrick (Game of Thrones, Leanne Best (StarWars VII), Ian Hart (Boardwalk Empire). 88m
d: Daniel Fitzsimmons. Q&A with director & team following screening.

(US, 2016, World Premiere. Found Footage. Four young men trek out to the desert while the famous Phoenix Lights Incident occurs. What happens can finally be revealed nearly 20 years later. 84m.
d:Kieth Arem, but veteran director of computer games such as Call of Duty: Keith Arem USA.
Director Arem will do Q&A, launch a new app & hold a Master Class at Fest.

(Swiss, 2015) US Premiere.The ultimate game turns fantasies into adventures, but the company behind it has a fantasy of its own and its none too pretty.
Narcisse Award nominee.
d: Julian M. Grünthal, Samuel Schwarz

(Can., 2015) US Premiere. Astronauts testing endurance protocols face something unplanned – Earth’s demise. 98m.
d: Eric Picolli. Q&A with director following screening.

(UK, 2015) New England Premiere. A pilot is marooned on an alien planet and soon discovers the planets only inhabitants are predatory machines. 80m
d: Neil Rowe.

Can, 2016) US Premiere. A struggling recluse believes strange sounds from the sky have followed him home. 79m
d: Sandy Robson. Q&A with director following screening.

(US, 2016) World Premiere. Outsmarting a computer is a prisoner’s only hope to for freedom and to discover if the world has been obliterated.
c: Christopher Soren Kelly (INK).
d: Travis Milloy (writer: Pandorum) Q&A with director following screening.

(US, 2015) Boston Premiere. Earth bound alien crew search for a way to contact their galaxy & thwart an evil plot.

“Mad Max for the countryside!” – IndieWire
(Ire/UK) NE Premiere. Multi-award winner. In a post-apocalyptic world a loner is befriended by two women, which challenges everything with Martin McCann (Clash of the Titans, ’71) & Mia Goth (Nymphomania, Everest); Awards: Stiges-Citizen Kane Award; BAFTA Douglas Hickox Award; Tribeca -Best New Narrative. 101m
d: Stephen Fingleton

(US, 2015) Is cosplay trend, Steampunk culturally significant? Or is it a privileged subculture rooted in reclamation dormant technology? 67md: Byrd McDonald

SHORT FILMS: http://bostonscifi.com/shorts-competition-2016/

Shows: Friday Feb 12 @ 5:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room

The Light Thief (Bahrain) – Love cannot be contained. 19 min. Director: Eva Daoud
Flight Fright (US) – Avoid the window seat (with thanks to Serling). 6 min. Director: Jim Politano
Mr. Bunny (China) – An agent for God spends a last day with his daughter. 20 min. Director: Bo Yao
Indigo(Canada) – Takumi must choose: Earth or home? 20 min. Director: Jody Wilson
Zero(Spain) – Gravity on, gravity off. Repeat and endure. 28 min. Director: David Victori Blaya. Producers: Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender

Collection #2: CEPHEIDS ‘R US (95m)
Shows: Wed. Feb 10 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room

Artifitial (Spain) – Worker excellence through cloning. 20 minutes. Director: David P. Sanuto
Bionic Girl (France) – A better you can face the world. 14 min. Director: Stephanie Cabdevila
Clones (Switzerland) – A dying professor goes under the knife. 13 min. Director: Rafael Bolliger. Stars Rutger Hauer
Bears Discover Fire (US) – Fantastic bears enchant a struggling family. 14 min. Director: Scott Riehs
Suicide Sam (US) – San Jose International Short Film Festival: Best of the Fest, Audience Choice – When you’re ready to go, go see Sam. 18 min. Director: Maurice Chauvet
Legacy (Australia) – A brilliant mind must be saved. 13 min. Director: Josh Mawer
Peeping Pete (US) – Pete makes a cool discovery. 3 min. Director: Johnny Rafter

Collection #3: SIBYL’S EYE (93m)
Shows: Thu Feb 11 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room

Graffiti (Spain) Stiges Festival: Best European Short Film – Communication is key in the apocalypse. 30 min. Director: Lluis Quilez
Strange Things (Canada) – Mind powers & manipulation. 8 min. Director: Tanya Cornelius
Ori & Addison (US) – Two men and a crib. 11 min. Director: James C. Ferguson
Theme Song Rebel (US) – The battle for melodic identity. 20 min. Director: Luke Patton
Paradox (Canada) – A physicist contacts her future self. 6 min. Director: Paul Erskine
The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot (US) Berlin Short Film Festival: Best Sci Fi Short – Ashbot contemplates his existence. 4min. Director: Colin West McDonald
The Clockmaker’s Dream (Ireland) – A tale of time and true love. 12 min. Director: Cashell Horgan
Five Year Mission – (For His Head Is Hollow And I Have Touched Spock’s Brain) (US) – Spock’s brain attacks in this madcap music vid. 5 min. Director: Joe Leavell

Collection #4: GRAVITY SUCKS (98m)
Shows: Sun Feb 7 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room
Organic Sleep (Turkey) – The search for the perfect mattress. 18 min. Director: Hasan Can Dagil
We Interrupt This Broadcast (US) – Late night at a museum with Orson Welles. 6 min. Director: Kurt Raether
Cruxberry (Canada) – A simple test determines your destiny. 4 min. Director: Jamie Oon
Avant (France) Best Film: Wasteland Film Festival. Best Sci Fi Short: Fargo Fantastic Film Festival – War, a boy, and a robot. 13 min. Director: Arthur Tabuteau
Elle (France) – First date jitters to the extreme. 20 min. Director: Vincent Toujas
Waterdrop (US) – Encounters of the 2nd kind. 15 min. Director: Ren Wang
reStart (Spain) – Temporal loop blues. 15 min. Director: Olga Osorio
Roadside Assistance (US) – A stranded woman & helpful driver: who are they really? 7 min. Director: Bears Fonte.

Collection #5: CRITICAL MASS (90m)
Shows: Mon Feb. 8 @ 5:00 pm
Location: Cinema 2

Gateway (Walpole, MA) – Mitchell is on rewind to set things right. 15 min. Director: Matt Mullen
Uncanny Harbor (Boston, MA) Disappearance, mystery, New England style. 20 min. Director: Nicholas Valaskatgis
Apocrypha (Manchester Center, VT) – Three pals on a vision quest. 23 minutes. Director: Richard Williams
A Warming Trend (Lowell, MA) – Things heat up in a corporate office. 4 min. Director: Audrey Noone
Ascendants: Raven (Newton Center, MA) – Proof of an afterlife creates corruption. 33 min. Director: Don Schechter. Stars Johnny Lee Davenport
Parallel (Weymouth, MA) – Love transcends realities. 12 min. Director: Mikel J. Wisler

Collection #6: PLUTO WAS DISSED 101m
Shows: Tue Feb 9 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room
The Man Who Caught A Mermaid (Australia) – Mermaids exist, don’t they? 16 min. Director: Kaitlin Tinker
The Quantum Lighter (Spain) – The prank of the future falls flat. 5 min. Director: Pau Escribano
As They Continue To Fall (US) – An aging drifter hunts fallen angels. 6 min. Director: Nikhil Bhagat
Fabric Cosmos (S. Korea) – A mysterious ribbon launches an adventure. 11 min. Director: Seung-hee Jung
Made Out of Meat (UK) – Lolita & Danger Mouse crash an Earth party. 4 min. Director: Safiyya Lea
The Unforgiven (US) – A cynical angel is forced to save souls. 8 min. Director: Jason Piccioni
Quest for a Different Outcome (US) San Jose International Film Festival: Best Sci Fi – Jeremiah makes a tough choice. 30 min. Director: Ivan Ayr
Requiem for a Robot (Australia) – Introspective little bot seeks answers. 6 min. Director: Christoph Rainer
Caleb (UK) – 3D printing brings happiness. 15 min. Directors: Susanne Aichele, Amanda Mesaikos
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