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Harry Morgan RIP (Read 1784 times)
Dec 7th, 2011 at 2:03pm

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The great Harry Morgan has passed away.
Probably best known as Colonel Potter on M*A*SH* or as Detective Gannon on Dragnet or possibly as Pete in Pete and Gladys, Morgan was wonderful actor succeeding in both dramatic and comedic roles.  He was a great everyman.  He could play coward or hero. 
In addition to the onsiderable TV work (it was a lot), Morgan also had a good film career strarring in some great westerns such as The Far Country, How The West Was Won, Bend of the River, High Noon and Ox-Bow Incident (a great understaed performance as Fonda's cowboy sidekick.  He did not have many sf credits to his name , a coupe of tv movies, Disney's The Cat From Outer Space and Twilight Zone. 

A terrific actor.  RIP Harry Morgan.
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I bring you peace. It may be the peace of plenty and content or the peace of unburied death.
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Harry Morgan was a truly fine character actor. Growing up, it was of course MASH & DRAGNET where I got introducted to him. MASH was particularly tricky in that he was put in the tough position of taking over command of the Medical unit with another actor having been there first (McClean Stevenson). Not to mention the fact that Stevenson and the show were huge hits at the time and had set the template for the series. Within a short period of time Morgan not only 'fit in', he made his own indelible mark on the show.
Morgan's SF genre offerings are rather meager for an actor with such a long career with appearances on NIGHT GALLERY and the new TWILIGHT ZONE mixed in with stuff like THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE. No matter, for he did a variety of other genres including Westerns and Film Noir and appeared in classics such as HIGH NOON, THE SHOOTIST and THE OX-BOW INCIDENT.

He will be missed.... Cry

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