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JAMES KAREN, RIP Frankenstein Meets Spacemonster (Read 496 times)
Oct 24th, 2018 at 6:57pm

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JAMES KAREN, long-time actor, who did quite a few genre films, has passed on. Karen appeared in such notables as POLTERGEIST, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, the INVADERS FROM MARS remake (shown at SF/12) and CAPRICORN ONE. His other Marathon appearances were in TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD (SF/32) and the schlock classic FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE-MONSTER (SF/32).

The sight of him tooling around Puerto Rico in SPACE-MONSTER was a highlight of that 'thon (print courtesy of our Ohio leader, Bruce Bartoo!). Personally, I got to work with Karen on the straight-to-video horror comedy, GIRLFRIEND FROM HELL. He was a peach of a guy, and did the movie as a favor to the filmmakers - much appreciated.

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