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Message started by L.A. Connection on Jun 28th, 2018 at 4:01pm

Post by L.A. Connection on Jun 28th, 2018 at 4:01pm

The only time I 'met' Harlan was at a screening of the Doc DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH...

And - the highlight was:

HARLAN ELLISON stepped on ME!  8-)

First, the Movie. Even if you only know Ellison as the guy who wrote CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER on the original TREK (and he's in the middle of a lawsuit over it right now, 40+ years on!), this is a highly enjoyable documentary. Ellison, of course, is the star of his own film, but guests interviewed are also informative on Ellison's life and work. This is isn't a, "he was born in X, then he did Y and then...." kind of doc. Ellison does readings from his work and there are clips going back to the 60s with interviews on Tom Snyder, The Today Show etc. Visually, this is no great shakes, but definately worth seeking out. The DVD is supposed to be out in June.

Then, Ellison took the stage with Josh Olson (screenwriter of Cronenberg's A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, and co-writer with Ellison of a Masters of Science Fiction episode a couple of summers back). Of course Olson didn't get a word in edgewise as Ellison was just so - HARLAN - as he went on for well over an hour. At times, it seemed like the documentary hadn't ended - it was still going on Live! Ellison was wise, profane and even touching. He could segue from talking in EXCRUCIATING detail about BOTH times he had crabs, and then talk with deep emotion about his father. But, then it's back to bragging about his sexual exploits - with his wife, Susan, standing 10 feet away! Of course, not only has she heard it all before, but she can dish it back!

Ellison, of course, wrote the short story which multi-Marathon film A BOY AND HIS DOG was based on (and he wrote drafts of the script as well before LQ Jones wrote the final version). Ellison and Jones have argued for decades over the ending of the film, though Ellison admires the film overall. But, knowing LQ as I do, and having seen Ellison in action - the thought of those two together in a room arguing over the script for BOY must have been quite the fireworks display!

Oh, about getting stepped on by the man himself. A woman in audience wryly asked why her collector husband just "had" to buy both the Hardcover and Paperback versions of all Ellison's books. He, of course, LOVED the idea of getting paid twice by his readers. So, he ran up the aisle to praise her, and he stepped on ME to get to her!

That's me being stepped on at about the 52 minute mark:

Post by Lile on Jul 1st, 2018 at 4:29pm
Met Harlan at a small convention in 2005, it was an interesting and fun time.

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